Understanding and Using English Grammar (book)‏‎

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Author:Betty Schrampfer Azar
Publisher:Pearson ESL
Details:paperback; 475 pages; 3 Edition; Pub. 1998

This book is a comprehensive reference grammar/workbook for non-native speakers of English at intermediate to advanced level.

The book is divided into chapters covering notorious grammar points, including: verb tenses, modals, passive voice, gerunds and infinitives, singular and plural, adjective clauses, noun clauses, connecting expressions, and conditional sentences. There are also appendices covering terminology, question formation, negation, articles, phrasal verbs, and error correction.

All grammar items are presented clearly and accurately, and are supported by exercises.

A grammar outline from the book is also available without exercises.

If grammar is what you want, this is the book to get!

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