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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is always carefully managed and protected by ICAL TEFL.
This page explains what happens when you write to us and how your details and information is dealt with. This applies whether you are a registered student or a general enquirer.

This page outlines the ICAL TEFL privacy policy. The full details are below but in general any information you send us is kept strictly confidential and never passed on to a third party. This includes your email address which we will never pass on. In addition you will never receive any unsolicited emails from us or spam, etc.

If you have any concerns regarding the collection of information or other related privacy issues, please feel free to contact ICAL TEFL.

General Inquiries

In general, you can make inquiries without telling us any personal information about yourself. But if you do include any personal information, or if in the course of our correspondence with you during an inquiry personal information is exchanged, this information is kept strictly confidential and will never be sold or passed on to any third party outside ICAL TEFL or its agents for financial or other gain on our part. Your information will never be passed on to third parties for the purposes of marketing.

To sum up: any personal information you give us in an inquiry is used to answer your specific questions only.

Student Details

Occasionally inquirers will ask us for the email addresses of existing or graduated students so that they may contact them about ICAL TEFL and our courses. We have made a policy decision not to pass on this information so that our students are never sent unsolicited emails or inquiries about ICAL TEFL or our courses.

N.B. ICAL never sends any unsolicited emails to any inquirer, student or graduate. Registered students are automatically registered on our Newsletter, however they may unsubscribe at any time.


When a graduate completes a course we ask them to complete a questionnaire about the course. The name of the graduate, country location and any comments made may be used by ICAL TEFL in its public literature only if the graduate agrees to this.


Although our system will track the domains from which people visit our site for internal analysis of trends and statistics, the individual user remains anonymous. The ICAL TEFL site does not in any way query your computer. Cookies are used solely to enhance your user experience and never for data collection or marketing, etc.

Visitors to our site who come from ICAL TEFL Affiliates are tracked through the use of cookies, however they contain only the date and the affiliate ID and no other information. These cookies never query your computer.

Registered Students

On registration, you will be asked for personal, identifiable information to help us determine the most suitable tutors and to allow us to respond more accurately to your needs.

This information is kept in our internal database and is never sold, given or otherwise passed on to any third party outside ICAL TEFL. In this process you will have the option to provide as much or as little information as you feel is required.

At any time during the course or after completion of the course, you may ask to see all the information which we hold regarding your registration and time with us. If you feel that there is some discrepancy in this information, we will take immediate steps to update it as appropriate.

Inquiries from Schools

ICAL TEFL graduates often reference us when they apply to a school for a job. When we receive an inquiry from a school asking about a particular student, we will let that school know whether the student is currently working towards their certificate and if so where they are in the course, or if they have graduated. We will not pass on any other information.

We will only do this when we are satisfied as to the validity of the inquiry.

If the school wishes to know more about the current or graduate student, we will immediately contact the student via email and make sure we have their authority to write back to the school with the additional information they require.

Arbitration & Law

In cases of arbitration between ICAL TEFL and a student, we may pass on information and correspondence between us and the student to an agreed and authorized third party as necessary. Likewise, if required by law we will pass on information we have as necessary.