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Our Personal TEFL Tutors

When you sign up for any of our courses you will have full access to our highly qualified and experienced personal tutors whenever you need them.

If you want advice about looking for work or need to ask a question about teaching English to someone who has been there and done it, and literally written the book… then your personal tutor is the one to ask!

ICAL tutors have:

  • A second degree (MA or equivalent) in English or relevant field
  • A higher-level TESL/TEFL qualification (or equivalent)
  • Several years experience working as an ESL/EFL teacher
  • Relevant teacher training experience and qualifications
  • And of course a friendly and helpful attitude!


What Our Graduates Say

“My tutor’s comments were not only encouraging, but extremely helpful. I will keep your advice and suggestions in mind when planning for my next lessons.”


“My tutor was always very precise and punctual. She encouraged and stimulated me with challenging questions throughout the course, providing valuable insight. I would recommend this course to other users. Thank you again very much for your support and your valuable insight!”


“My tutor was absolutely wonderful! She was very, very competent and an all-around terrific teacher! Thank you for the time you took to correct my assignments and for the precious comments and suggestions you made each time. Thanks again!”


“I had a really great tutor. She was super consistent, and I always got my work back within a few days if not the very next day. She was encouraging but didn’t fail to point out anything I could have done better. I plan to keep her comments. I have a feeling they’ll really help me.”


“My tutor was really helpful, clear in giving tips and corrections, and really quick in sending back my papers. Thank you for all your help during the course: your feedback was really great and it made me think about bits that I sometimes missed while writing out the assignment. Thanks again.”


“My tutor was a great help, always there for me. She coached me through the whole process and her comments and recommendations were excellent. I couldn’t have done it without her. Thanks for your patience and guidance.”