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About Us

ICAL was one of the very first schools to offer online teacher training way back in 1998. Making use of new internet technologies and employing only the best to create and tutor their courses, they soon became the largest online TEFL Certificate provider with enrollments from around the world.

Over the years ICAL TEFL became firmly established as a leader in the language teacher training field!

In those very early years, with a new, and innovative way of teaching, it soon became clear that the internet, as a teaching medium, was the way forward and now, with more than over 20,000 graduates and thousands of current students, you can be certain that when you join ICAL you are joining one of the largest and best online teacher training providers around.

Our students come from all over the world and often come to us through word of mouth referrals. The reputation we have is second to none and the security of training with a well established school like ours is always worth while.

Our History

ICAL was formed in 1998 by a group of teacher trainers who were disappointed with the quality of new teachers they had met but also enthusiastic about the idea of utilizing modern technology to deliver quality training.

The original founders were teacher trainers based in Australia, the UK and the USA and they met both socially and professionally in the years before. The very first ICAL course was written as a collaborative effort by the founders.

In 2000 ICAL merged with another group of online teacher trainers and the courses were entirely re-written and new administrative software was purposely built to handle the ever growing number of students taking the course.

Over the years ICAL accumulated a mass of material which was made available for student access in order to help with their studies. In 2008 – their 10th anniversary – they put this material into resources and made it available to the general public.

Where ICAL Stands Today

ICAL was one of the very first online teacher training organizations. With a reliance on quality and a sincere belief in what we do, we soon emerged as one of the largest online providers on the internet.

Today ICAL is still one of the best online teacher training providers.*

In early 2012 they began the massive task of moving the resources over to a brand new website – www.icaltefl.com and this work was completed, with the addition of a new, faster, more streamlined website built in 2015.

In 2021 ICAL transferred ownership to one of their long time TEFL tutors who lives and works in Florence, Italy as an expert teacher trainer.

We hope to be not only the best, but also the most effective, and the most user-friendly online TEFL provider!

*Based on the number of satisfied graduates working in TEFL.

Over 20 years experience training teachers

Extensive feedback provided on assignments

Full support from
a highly qualified tutor

Full set of graduation papers upon completion

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We believe that we have a responsibility to ensure that all of our students graduate with all of the qualifications and skills that they need to get a job in teaching English. ICAL TEFL has trained thousands of successful graduates teaching TEFL across the globe and online from just about everywhere.