Tougher Laws for TEFL Teachers in China


TEFL News from ChinaFrom October 31st, 2014 new regulations come into force in China which will affect all TEFL teachers.

Notably teachers will now need a TEFL certificate to prove they have qualifications to teach English.

In future, all English teachers will need:

  • a bachelor’s degree
  • a clean criminal record
  • to be aged between 18-60
  • a TEFL certificate

This final requirement for a TEFL certificate has been put in place to try and deter the “backpacker” type of teacher from coming to China to find work. This follows several scandals where unqualified and undesirable TEFL teachers were caught and deported or imprisoned.

The Chinese police have also promised to increase checks to clamp down on illegal teachers to make sure all teachers have suitable qualifications. In tandem there are tougher penalties for illegal workers in the country.

Editors Note:

This isn’t the first time that China has implemented new laws to try and raise standards. The key question is though: will they be implemented? In the past similar measures have been taken but with little real effect.

Most people within the country accept that China needs more regulation when it comes to teachers and we do to. The number of poorly qualified and frankly useless teachers in China isn’t doing the TEFL industry any good at all and the recent scandals involving untrained and undesirable TEFL teachers is tarring a lot of good teachers with a bad brush.

ICAL, for one, welcome these changes and look towards a better and more professional future for TEFL teachers everywhere!

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