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Mexico is a beautiful country with some amazing cities. Its proximity to the USA‏‎ makes it a very popular destination for American teachers, many of whom work on tourist visas returning home periodically to have them renewed.


Along with a a degree employers will often ask for a TEFL Certificate such as the ICAL TEFL Certificate. A few employers will ask that the certificate be apostilled‏‎ although most will not.

Pay & Conditions

There’s a high demand for English teachers in Mexico, partly due to NAFTA and also employees often get paid more if they have a good knowledge of English. Pay for teachers is fairly good in that it’s enough for your rent and eating out a few times each week although by North American standards it’s not that high it is reasonably cheap to live in Mexico. A wage of about 10,000 Pesos or [currconvert base_curr=”USD” base_amount=”750″] is enough to live on if you are careful. Accommodation varies, but for about 3,000 Pesos or [currconvert base_curr=”USD” base_amount=”225″] per month you can get something reasonable. You can also get yourself a maid to help clean for just a few dollars a week.

The classes tend to be small – perhaps a handful of students – and the students well behaved with a strong motivation to learn English. Hours, however, tend to be morning and then evening so the day is quite long (getting used to a siesta is a good idea).

Most Mexicans will learn basic English at state school but they need conversation which they’ll take at private schools.

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