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Teaching English in Malta

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Melancholic Maltese fishing boat.

Malta is a small group of islands about 80km south of Italy‏‎; it is one of the world’s smallest states and also one of the most densely populated with about 370,000 inhabitants. It is part of the European Union‏‎ and so teachers wanting to work there stand a much better chance if they are from the United Kingdom or Ireland due to visa and work permit issues.

There are 2 official languages: Maltese (100% spoken) and English‏‎ (about 90%). Italian‏ is also widely spoken with about 66%.


The education system is based on the British system and classes are taught in both Maltese and English. Most university courses are in English.

As regards TEFL‏‎, for many years Malta has been a growing destination for students wanting to travel overseas and learn English (it helps that Malta is a popular tourist destination with some stunning sights and scenery). There are a great number of private language schools, many of which operate as Summer Schools. Overall about 40 schools teach something like 70,000 students each year.

However, in 2011 student numbers dropped and since then many teachers have been working only part time due to lack of work. Most jobs are found for the summer months beginning around April.

Many of the language schools belong to Feltom which is a trade organization comprising some 75% of private English schools.

Pay & Conditions

Most schools will help their teachers find accommodation off-site and some will offer furnished accommodation with the job. Prices vary with popular tourist destinations and city centers being up to <?php $base_curr = EUR; $base_amount = 1000; include ‘arathra/currconvert.php’; ?> per month however there is cheaper accommodation outside the centres and on the southern, less popular, side of the islands from about <?php $base_curr = EUR; $base_amount = 500; include ‘arathra/currconvert.php’; ?> per month.

The pay is around <?php $base_curr = EUR; $base_amount = 850; include ‘arathra/currconvert.php’; ?> to – <?php $base_curr = EUR; $base_amount = 1000; include ‘arathra/currconvert.php’; ?> per month depending on qualifications with 20% tax. The cost of living in Malta is relatively high and many teachers report that it is difficult to save much while working in Malta. Some schools will provide airfare.

Work is likely to be about 40 hours per week, sometimes working split shifts. There is also a reasonable market for private lessons although some schools do not like their teachers freelancing.


The minimum requirements to teach in Malta are:

  • Eighteen years of age
  • EFL Teaching Permit issued by the EFL Monitoring Board of the Ministry of Education
  • Advanced Level Certificate in English from a recognized institution, EFL Monitoring Board – English Examination or comparable qualifications
  • A recognized induction course in the methodology of teaching English as a foreign language, approved by the Ministry of Education, run by local schools
  • A clean police conduct certificate

External Links

Malta Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

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