Teaching English in Latin America


The globe with Latin America highlighted.TEFL/TESOL in Latin America

Latin America is the part of America where Romance languages are spoken. This is mainly Spanish and Portuguese (and can include French).

It is a very popular destination among American teachers, however you also find other nationalities heading there. There are many teaching opportunities, especially for newly qualified teachers.

Loosely speaking it is made up of several regions: Mexicothe CaribbeanCentral America, and South America. (And some countries there speak English, but are often still spoken of as being a part of Latin America.

The usual qualifications to teach in Latin America are a degree and a good TEFL Certificate such as the ICAL TEFL Certificate. In some countries you may also be able to find work without a degree‏‎ although a TEFL  certificate is still usually required (see the countries below for specific requirements).

Countries in Latin America

The links go to details of countries which have a demand for TEFL teachers.

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