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The globe showing the American continent.

When it comes to teaching English in America (or the Americas as it’s sometimes known), there are two main groups of countries. This page offers an overview of working in America with links to more specific information on each country where you can read about how best to find work, qualifications you need, pay and working conditions along with a little general information on the lifestyle in those countries.

North America

That is, the USA‏‎ and Canada‏‎. To work here teaching English as a TEFL teacher you need to be well qualified and competition is stiff for jobs. This is especially true in Canada where experience is often required. Whilst teachers can find work in local community centers and private schools, jobs in the state sector require higher qualifications and often state endorsements.

Latin America (the Caribbean, Central America, South America)

In the Caribbean there are several English speaking countries and work here – as you may well imagine – is difficult to come by. However there are plenty of other opportunities with Mexico being one of the most popular destinations then Central America and South America, both of which are very popular places for new teachers who lack experience.

Working in Central or South America is often a first option for TEFL teachers from the US or Canada (and to a lesser extent from Australia and Europe) as demand for teachers outstrips supply and schools will take qualified teachers who don’t have experience.

Note the usual qualifications to teach in these regions are a degree and a good TEFL  Certificate. In some countries you may also be able to find work without a degree‏‎ although a TEFL  certificate is still usually required.

Countries in America

Those countries with TEFL teaching opportunities are linked below with details and more information.

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