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Teaching and Assessing Phonics (book)‏‎

Teaching Materials

Author: Jeanne S. Chall ; Helen M. Popp
Publisher: Education Pub. Service
Details: Paperback; 163 pages; Pub.1996
ISBN: 0838823149

Teaching phonics should be done in small incremental steps, though teachers should be somewhat flexible and open to go back or forward a few steps if it helps their students.

There is a generally accepted order in which phonics is taught though choosing what to teach and when is not always so straight forward.

Teaching and Assessing Phonics – Why, What, When, How is a useful guide for teachers. Written in a climate in which many members of the author’s profession still disdained explications of the English writing system, the 1996 handbook is true to many of Chall’s core concerns: teaching reading and research-validated explicit instruction.

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