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Teaching Adult Second Language Learners (book)‏‎

Teaching Materials

Author: Heather Mckay ; Abigail Tom
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Details: Paperback; 244 pages; Pub.1999
ISBN: 0521649900

This is the latest in the excellent Handbooks for Language Teachers series edited by Penny Ur. The book addresses the needs of adults studying English. It provides a useful summary of the principles involved in teaching adults as well as a wealth of activities specifically designed for adult learners. The text is divided into three sections:

  • Section I provides an introduction to the adult language learner and discusses the issues of assessment/placement and course/lesson organization.
  • Section II gives teachers techniques for building community in the classroom.
  • Section III provides activities designed for students at various levels that are organized thematically around topics such as self-identification, food, clothing, and work.

Many ESL teachers find it a helpful guide to help them plan lessons for their language classes. This is because each lesson is easily adaptable to all ages and levels, allowing you to tailor a lesson to your students’ needs. The lessons are organized according to topic and actually go in order, as if you are actually beginning a class, commencing with get-to-know-you exercises. And the activities included coincide with each lesson’s topic.

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