Statements in English Grammar

Sentence Structure

A statement is a simple sentence‎ which tells us some information (as oppose to asking a question, for example). It is a record of a situation or state, in other words.

The most basic statement is made up of a subject (what the sentence is about) and a predicate (what the subject does or is). This predicate can be as simple as a verb‏‎:

{subject} + {predicate}

{subject} + {verb}

Paint + dries.

Queen Victoria + was sleeping.

The man in the large hat + had been dancing.

Of course the predicate can be much larger and include objects and clauses and so on. But these are still, nonetheless, statements.

{subject} + {predicate}

I + painted the wall.

Queen Victoria + told a joke.

The man in the large hat + clapped his hands.

I + feel ill.

Victoria + was Queen of England.

The man in the large hat + became a professional dancer.

The answer + is blowing in the wind.

The man in the large hat + danced on a stage to a huge audience of cheering men and women who threw their hats in the air and whooped with delight each time he pirouetted!

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