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Author:Jill Hadfield; Charles Hadfield
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Details:Paperback; 80 pages; Pub. 1999

This book contains 30 activities at elementary level, complete with ideas for boardwork and pictures teachers can copy. All the activities are simple and adaptable. They are particularly well-suited to teachers who teach privately and have few resources apart from a board, paper, and pens.

Each activity has 3 main stages: warm- up; listen and respond; follow up.

This book is part of the Oxford Basics series featuring Simple Writing Activities, Simple Speaking Activities, Simple Reading Activities. Each book focuses on a different skill and all four together complement each other.

The books are organized into 30 useful topic areas:

1 Greetings and introductions; 2 The alphabet; 3 Numbers; 4 Telling the time; 5 Personal information;

6 Countries; 7 Nationalities; 8 Locating objects; 9 Feelings; 10 Families

11 Colours; 12 Shapes; 13 Parts of the body; 14 Describing people; 15 Clothes

16 Rooms; 17 Furniture; 18 In town; 19 Directions; 20 In the market;

21 Shopping; 22 Food and drink; 23 Leisure activities; 24 Daily routines; 25 Jobs;

26 Housework; 27 Abilities; 28 Rules; 29 Describing actions 1; 30 Describing actions 2

Each book has the same format with units clearly laid out in the form of an actual lesson plan giving ideas for activities, checking comprehension, pronunciation points and follow-up activities. They have easy to copy pictures and a variety of exercises for each unit.

A useful book for the newly qualified teacher working with elementary learners.

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