Present Continuous in English Grammar

Parts Of Speech

We use the Present Continuous (also called Present Progressive) in three ways in English‏‎:

1. to talk about a situation that is happening right now as we speak.

What are you doing?
I am reading 50 Shades of Gray!

Why is he in bed?
He is not feeling well today.

Can you be quiet, please. I am trying to watch television.

2. to talk about things happening around now but maybe not right at the moment we speak. These are usually temporary situation.

Did you hear about Tom Cruise? He’s getting divorced.

The baby isn’t sleeping well these days and I feel really tired all the time.

How are the Jets playing this season?

N.B. Remember that these are temporary situations. At this point in time the Jets are playing badly but that might well change in the future.

3. to talk about fixed future plans – it is a good idea to imagine that these are plans you can write in your diary. Often we add an adverb of time:

I am going to Spain next year!

The new James Bond film is being released next week.

Are they playing the Cowboys next week?

Forming the Present Continuous

We make the present continuous by using the present simple‏‎ of the verb be and the present participle‏‎ of the main verb.

{be – am, are, is} + {present participle}…

I am working now.

She is talking to her friend.

They are running for the bus.

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