Payment Options for ICAL TEFL Courses

About ICAL

The cost of an ICAL course is shown clearly on the courses page. There are no hidden extras and the course fee includes:

  • all tuition fees
  • your personal tutor throughout the course
  • all materials
  • full access to the ICAL Student Center during and after the course
  • unlimited correspondence with ICAL admin and your personal tutor during the course
  • the certificate, marksheet and reference letter sent to any location in the world following graduation
  • use of our WorkSmart service during your time taking the course and then for 12 months following your graduation

Payment Methods

You can pay for an ICAL course by:

  • Credit Card
  • Check
  • Wire/Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • We also have an option to pay by installments in certain circumstances – please contact us for more on this.

For details of any of these methods of payment, please contact us.


When you register with ICAL, your credit card number is encrypted using SSL technology which ensures your sensitive information is inaccessible. Your personal information is encrypted using RSA public key encryption, which means that even if somebody was able to obtain the information you submit, it would be worthless to them as it is completely scrambled. Also, with our online commerce system, you enter information at your computer and it goes directly into our order processing system with no human intervention. Your credit card number is not stored or copied on a receipt like it is with most walk-in merchants.

Note that ICAL does not directly access or store your credit card number and instead uses highly secure and dedicated third party processing companies in the US and UK for this.

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