Participles‏‎ in English Grammar

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Silhouettes of people doing things.A Participle is a form of a verb‎. In English‏‎ there are two participles:

  • Present Participle‏‎
  • Past Participle‏‎


We use the participles to help form different verb tenses‏‎. For example in this first example we use just the basic verb form known as the infinitive:

I walk

In these two examples we have used the two participles (highlighted) to form new verb tenses:

I was walking.

I have walked.

The Present Participle

The present participle is usually made by adding -ing to the end of the infinitive.





We use the present particle to form the continuous tenses‏‎:

He is sleeping.

They were laughing.

It can also be used as an adjective or nouns in some cases.

The Past Participle

The past participle is usually made by adding -ed to the infinitive:



The past participle is used to form the perfect tenses‏‎:

We have walked these hills many times.

He has slept for 18 hours!

The past participle can also sometimes be used as a noun.

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