Learn to Teach English in Spain


Flamenco dancers in SpainTeach English in Spain
with the ICAL TEFL Certificate Course

In the past couple of years the economy in Spain has begun to pick up after suffering badly. The demand for English teachers is increasing and more people are taking an ICAL TEFL Course and becoming qualified to teach English in Spain.

To teach English in Spain you need:

  • to have a degree (a BA/BSc in almost any subject is fine)
  • to have TEFL certification such as the ICAL TEFL Certificate
  • to be a native English speaker

…a knowledge of Spanish is not necessary!

The ICAL online TEFL Certificate Course will give you a thorough grounding in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

Our online TEFL course covers all major aspects of TEFL and TESOL:

  • how to teach
  • what to teach
  • dealing with students
  • classroom management
  • lesson preparation
  • much, much more…

Each student on our course has their own Personal Tutor who will help them not only with the material but also with the ins and outs of teaching. And of course you have access to the massive ICAL Resource Library.

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Teaching English in Spain – an overview of teaching English in Spain; information about requirements and schools, etc.

ICAL TEFL Certificate Course Syllabus – the full syllabus for the ICAL TEFL Certificate course.

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