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Kuwait is a small but very cosmopolitan country with workers and expatriates from many different countries living there. There is a thriving EFL market for the right kind of teacher.

Living Conditions

Kuwait is not necessarily the most interesting country to teach in when it comes to nightlife, going out, cultural experiences and so on. It does have a couple of museums and sights but it is essentially a city in the desert containing a lot of businesses and workers. Several teachers have mentioned that there is not a great deal to do in their time off – shopping, being the great exception.

Alcohol is prohibited although one can find it, especially amongst the expat population. Bringing alcohol into the country usually leads to its confiscation and nothing more however it is not recommended as it sometimes leads to stronger punishment. Some people create their own wine with sugar and grape juice which is popular in the supermarkets.

Censorship is rife, especially any film or print item related to sex, politics or religion.


Kuwait requires that English is taught at state school although most of the teachers are not native speakers. There is also a thriving private market teaching English to the locals in the service industries as well as expats hoping to improve their business English‏‎.

Because the students in these private schools are often working, classes are sometimes held at unsociable hours, either early in the morning or late at night.

Jobs here and at state schools and universities are advertised in local and national newspapers. Qualifications for other schools are a degree and a TEFL Certificate such as the ICAL TEFL Certificate. ICAL have a number of graduates working in Kuwait on the basis of our certificate. Experience is a good help but not essential.

Typically there will be 6 weeks holiday per year with health benefits, airfare and accommodation provided.

The other major area of teaching are private TEFL lessons (again advertised in local papers, clubs and through word of mouth). These will cover both business people as well as students, especially in the run up to their English exams.

The British Council‏‎ also has a center in Kuwait and recruits highly qualified teachers for placement here and there are some jobs at University level although higher qualifications are required (typically an MA, Diploma and experience). In addition, there are also a number of international schools mainly for expat children.

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