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Is TEFL in China really a Scam?


Grunge Warning Sign - Do Not Read This SignThere’s a lot of hype these days about TEFL teaching in China. This poll is to try and find out what the truth is.

Some say that it’s full of scams and if you go to China through an agent you are destined to be ripped off and end up being deported for the wrong visa, the wrong qualifications or some other reason.

Others say that it’s perfectly safe and there’s no doubt thousands upon thousands of English teachers are working in China happily and scam-free.

But what’s the truth? What’s your story?

What’s the China Truth?

So that’s what we’re asking. Is China a scam?

If you are working in China, if you have worked in China, can you simply click the poll and let everyone know what happened? (The poll is anonymous, by the way.)

{minipolls id=”scamchina” title=”What’s the Truth about TEFL in China?”}I worked there & was ripped off by my agent and/or school.||I worked there & my agent & school were honest.{/minipolls}


If you’d like to leave details please use the comments box below.

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