TEFL Introductions – Fun or Dull?

How To Teach English

Introduction to TEFL

How do you introduce your lesson?

Arguably the most important part of the lesson is the very beginning. Here you can either capture your students or lose them.

What you need to do is make your introductions as interesting as possible so they hook your students attention and make them want to learn more.

Put it this way, which of these is more likely to get your class interested?

  • Walk into class and start writing on the board: Second Conditional. It is formed by using two clauses. The conditional clause and…
  • Walk into class and pull out a $100 note from your pocket and ask: What would you do if I gave this to you… Giovanni? Maria? …

Which one is likely to get your students sitting up and taking notice?

The Video

It doesn’t take much to turn a dull introduction into an interesting one, just a change of attitude and a slightly different way of viewing things.

In the video, we explain how you can do this and offer a few ideas on the best way to engage your class.

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