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A random collection of students’ feedback. Thanks to each and every ICAL student for sharing their course experience with other TEFLers.

What ICAL Students Say

From XN1C3B Paul, working on mod3.
What I’m learning in my ICAL studies has already helped me very much with my teaching in China, especially the information about developing a lesson plan.

From XN24CF Jacob, submitting his final assignment.
I feel like I have learned so much since the start of this journey and I have enjoyed every second of it. I feel a little sad turning in my last assignment as it has been a great ride and I know I will miss it. Hopefully I will get the chance to teach soon and be able to use my new-found skill to influence someone’s life!

From XN23EE Diane, working on module #5.
I like being given a class scenario and asked to develop the activities and lesson plans. I find it easy to visualize the class and plan accordingly. I also like having the opportunity to create enjoyable activities and lessons.

From XN22C1 Nicholas, hoping to pursue Curriculum Development.
One of the most rewarding aspects of this TEFL course was the opportunity to develop lesson plans and structures for a variety of ages and skill levels. I really enjoyed focusing on the needs of a specific group, and tailoring lessons to suit those needs.

Having the opportunity to practice designing lessons in the course has benefited me professionally as well. Over the past few months I’ve been given some opportunities to collaborate on curriculum development at work. I have come to realize that curriculum development is something that I would like to pursue.

From XN221C Wilhelmina, happy with ICAL philosophy!
Really loved how student-centered the overall philosophy at ICAL is. Very down-to-earth approach to teaching , simple without being simplistic, the course trains you to always put the needs of the students first and that is fundamental for productive teaching and learning.

From  XN240F Justin , close to the finish line.
This has been really helpful in getting me to think about ESL lesson plans and activities, and I look forward to your comments on Assignment 5!

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