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Course Syllabus

Module 1

In this first module, we introduce the subject of English Language Teaching. The module begins right at the beginning by talking about what it means to be an English teacher. It then brings in some basic ideas, words and concepts you will need to know to do the job.

We realize that many students are new to the subject, so the first module is particularly careful in introducing new ideas. There are plenty of examples and we use language everyone can understand – it’s not overloaded with specialist terms and where we do use them, there’s a glossary on hand for help if you need it.

Later, Module 1 talks about general approaches to teaching English and the final section is all about students and what language learning is like for them.

Module 1 is really the background to the subject. When you’ve completed it, you’ll have a good understanding of the general principles of language teaching. The next four modules will take these principles and go into more detail.

Module 2

This module looks more in detail at your students. Why are they in the classroom? What kind of English do they want to learn? How can they be motivated? How about the class make-up? All these are discussed along with the way in which differences here will make a difference to your teaching.

The module then moves on to look at how you can firstly discover what your students need to know and then how you can create a plan of action for teaching them.

Here it’s all about understanding what you need to teach to make sure you will be able to benefit your students the most.

Module 3

This module carries on where the previous module left off. Having got your plan of action, here we look at the way in which you approach each lesson with regard to subject matter, subject presentation, and teaching style.

It talks about creating enthusiasm in the classroom, alternative ways of teaching (it’s definitely not a matter of getting your students to sit and learn verb patterns parrot-fashion!) and the kind of resources you can bring into play in the lesson.

This module works towards creating an appropriate lesson plan for the class, taking into account all the factors which influence what the lesson will include – and what it will not.

Module 4

In this module, we take a step back and look at more general classroom management. For example, from how to deal with rowdy students to the best layout for your room. There are also plenty of tips on how to make your presence felt in the classroom and how to get the most from yourself and your students.

Like the rest of the course, the module is highly practical. There are plenty of real techniques and real strategies you can use in your class to make your teaching stand out and work.

The module moves on to deal with the practical side of running an activity and then dealing with the student errors which might follow. It’s not all a matter of red ink and grade at the bottom of the page!

Module 5

This is the final module. It begins by looking at the kind of things you can do in class to raise your lesson from the mundane to being a worthwhile, interesting time. There are sections on resources you can use and the best way to use them effectively. Then come useful activities and ideas such as inventive ways to use coursebooks and so on.

The module then talks about different skills areas and how to approach them: listening, speaking, writing and reading. Again, plenty more activities and ideas here on how to get the most from your students – and yourself! The module also introduces a few more advanced areas of teaching and language which open up new areas for future work!



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    • Pete West

      This course covers teaching Business English as well as TYL and other learning scenarios. In fact, the aim of this course is to prepare you for any teaching situation.

      Current teaching theories tend to favour the communicative approach to teaching English. That is, teaching practical and useful English to cover various situations. Our approach is to look at the students’ profile, (including age, competence level and so on), assess what the students need to know and then teach that to them in the most effective and relevant way.

      In addition, your tutor will be able to help you tailor some of your course work to suit your teaching needs, should you have specific requirements.

      So if you are looking for an all-round, solid training that will allow you to teach with confidence in any situation, this course is for you!