This page is all about the people who work at ICAL. To get in touch with anyone here, please see our contact page.

ICAL Staff

Jenny Scott – Jenny has worked for ICAL for the past few years and deals mainly with our online presence. She handles our social media and also writes and collates our TEFL News section.

Pete West – Pete is an ICAL veteran! She has worked with ICAL since the very beginning in 1998. She deals with inquiries and student administration.

Susan Schauber – Susan is our course director, overseeing the academic side of the material and the running of the courses as well as student – tutor relations.

Tom Rose – our resident tutor. Tom helps new students with their first assignments, making sure they are on the right track. He also steps in when tutors take a break or if there is a need for a super quick reply.

Daisy Murray-Smith – Daisy is our ICAL accountant.

Lucy Hewitt – Lucy is our administrative assistant, and a great help to Pete. She mainly deals with emails from people interested in our courses.

Roger Stewart – Roger is a senior tutor and one of our key material writers. He also oversees much of the ICAL online resources.

Stephany Jones – Stephy is our grammar expert! She tutors the ICAL Grammar Foundation Course and supervises the compiling and updating of the ICAL Grammar Guide.

And last, but not least, we have over 30 personal tutors working for us. They are located all around the world and are mostly American or British. Each student at ICAL has a personal tutor who works with them during the course and helps them with the material and assignments. See here for more information and feedback about our Personal Tutors.

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