IATQuOThe International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations or IATQuO is an accreditation organization for TEFL certificates and similar courses.

Currently IATQuO accredit 6 schools and have done for the past few years.

Note that IATQuO does not accredit online TEFL courses.

Although a limited company, IATQuO Ltd says on their website they are not-for-profit.


IATQUO was set up by Dr Alan Moller in 2004, after he retired from Trinity and the British Council. He set up the accreditation agency along with Bruce Veldhuisen of TEFL International1 in order to accredit schools in the TEFL International franchise.

However, after a couple of years Dr Moller set up his own school in Paris and following a bitter and very public falling out with TEFL International they left IATQuO. Subsequently Dr Moller accredited just a handful of schools, including his own.2

In 2004 IATQuO accredited several TEFL International centres along with 2 other schools. After TEFL International left IATQuO in 2005 they accredited 5 schools and currently accredit 6.

Dr Moller, aged 78, also runs a language teaching program in the UK.3

Useful Links

Accreditation & Recognition for TEFL Courses – a general look at TEFL accreditation

Accreditation‏‎ & TEFL Courses – accreditation agencies for TEFL courses

Official Site – the official site of IATQUO


1 the original domain name was registered by BV from his address (ref)
2 An interview with TEFL International’s Bruce Velhuisen
3 Language Home Tuition

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