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About ICAL, The ICAL TEFL Blog

The ICAL TEFL Blog and the ICAL TEFL Resources are hugely popular destinations for English language professionals. Although we have added our own articles, we also welcome submissions from individuals and organizations outside ICAL TEFL.

If you are interested in writing an article for our Blog or Resources, typical requirements are:

Content: related, obviously, to teaching English as a Foreign or Second language in the widest possible sense. This means we have articles on finding teaching work to world languages to classroom techniques and everything in and around those subjects. If it is of interest to English language teachers anywhere in the world.

Originality: we do not reprint articles appearing on other sites. All articles here are 100% original.

Style: chatty, friendly, informative, useful. And needless to say, in perfect English (American or British, etc).

Size: about 600 – 700 words is the usual length of our articles but of course the length is determined by the theme.

Images: usually 1 (or sometimes 2) images in an article. We can supply these if you do not have a suitable one.

Return: a link from your site to our site

We do allow external no-follow links in our articles but only to useful sites. Normally guest posts will include a short biography at the end where we allow a link to the author’s own site (or similar). Articles littered with links are simply not allowed here.

If you think you have a useful article which fits in with our site and which you’d like us to post, please contact with an outline of the article you’d like to write.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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