Foreign Students reach Record Numbers in US


Infographic of Foreign studentsA report released today shows how the number of foreign students studying in the US has reached and all time high, up by about 40% from 10 years ago and up 7% from last year. This accounts for about 4% of the total student population and contributes almost $25 billion to the economy.

The number of foreign students coming to the US declined following 9/11 but has since built back up

The majority of foreign students are Chinese (29%) and Indian (12%) although there are significant numbers from South Korea and Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government funds the majority of Saudi students which bucks a general trend where families fund the students.

Similarly the number of US students studying abroad are at record levels with many attending colleges in the UK, Europe and China. This last destination was given a boost following the Olympics.

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International Students Report – the report on which this article is based by the Institute of International Education.

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