Comparison Phrases‏‎ in English

Language Functions

To compare different things, we can use a number of different Comparison Phrases.


{as} + {adjective/adverb} + {as}
He is as tall as me.
They work as slowly as I do.

In positive sentences we can use as…as, in negative sentences we use as…as or so…as

They are not so clever as us.
They are not as clever as us.
{the same} + [noun phrase] + {as}
This colour is the same as that colour
This is the same colour as that.


We use the following expressions when we are explaining something we have seen or noticed:

{subject} + {verb} + {as} + {if/though} …
I am very tired. I feel as if I haven’t slept for a week.
The weather is cold. It looks as though it is going to snow.

like means the same but it is very informal:

Their clothes were ripped. They looked like they had been in a fight.


When two people or objects are similar, we can use like or as:

He looks like you.
No one drives as the Italians do.


To show difference, we can use this phrase:

{different} + {from}
They are different from us.


To show ability or inability, we can use these phrases:

{such} + {noun phrase} + {that}
He is such a good player that he will play for the national team.
It was such bad weather that they canceled the excursion.
{so} + {adjective} + {a/an} + {non-countable noun phrase} + {that}
He is so good a player that he will play for the national team.
They are so bad a team that they will all be sacked.
{so} + {adjective} + {that}
He is so good that he will play for the national team.
The weather was so bad that t hey canceled the excursion.
{too} + {adjective} + {to} + {infinitive}
This is too good to be true!
He is too small to be a policeman.
We are too old to fight.
{too} + {adjective} + {for} + {person} + {to} + {infinitive}
It was too distant for me to see.
He is too good for me.
He is too good for me to beat.
{adjective} + {for} + {person} + {to} + {infinitive}
That was easy for you to say.
It was difficult for me to do.

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