Teacher Flips Out – Swears at Student



As mad as hell.

I think we’ve all been there (at least in our heads, even if we didn’t say what we were thinking).

A teacher in California was giving a class on race and ethnicity. A student kept heckling and interrupting. The teacher had enough and suddenly flipped out, swearing at the student and finally telling her to “get the fuck out” at which point the student (who was recording the whole thing) could be heard giggling.

What does this teach us? To keep control? To avoid heckles? To make sure phones are turned off so you can’t be recorded?

I know where my sympathies lie here – but what about you? Was the teacher right? Did she handle it well? What would you do with this student and under these circumstances?

Listen to the (rude) clip: https://soundcloud.com/benjamin-demers/out-of-control-teacher

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