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Scene from Superlative Millionaire is a game you can play with your class to practice superlatives.

Everyone knows the Who Wants to be a Millionaire game; this is a variation on that idea; it requires very little preparation on your part as the students themselves will be putting together the questions.

Preparation in Class

Firstly go over comparatives and superlatives with your class. Make sure they understand the basic principles and can come up with some examples themselves.

The next step is to divide the class into two teams. Explain to them they will be playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire against each other. But first they have to write the questions they’ll give to the other team. Within each team they can split up into smaller groups or pairs to come up with 10 questions. The only provisos are that the question must contain a superlative and should have four possible answers, for example:

How old was the oldest woman who climbed Mt Everest?

a) 53 years old
b) 63 years old
c) 73 years old
d) 83 years old

A few copies of the Guinness Book of Records is ideal, but questions can be taken online if there’s access in class. If not, you can bring in a pile of informative magazines or almanacs or guide books and so on. If there’s nothing available, have the students prepare some questions for homework to bring into the class.

While the class is preparing the questions you can write a table on the board like this:


Running the Activity

Once you have the questions the two teams can face off. Someone from Team A asks a question; if Team B gets it right, they move up a notch. If they get it wrong, they move down. Then they swap and Team B asks a question to Team A and so on.

Useful Links

Comparatives and Superlatives in English‏‎ – all about these two forms of adjectives.

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