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This article has information on jobs available at ICAL for TEFL teacher trainers and administrative staff.

Note that if you are a TEFL teacher looking for work in an English school, please see our WorkSmart program and also our TEFL Jobs page.

ICAL Personal Tutors

ICAL personal tutors work closely with our students and are an integral part of the course and as ICAL grows, we often take on new tutors to meet increasing demand.

ICAL tutors have the following qualifications:

  • a second degree (MA or equivalent) in English or other relevant field
  • a higher TESOL or TEFL qualification (or equivalent)
  • several years experience as an TESOL or TEFL teacher
  • relevant teacher training experience and qualifications

All ICAL tutors are native English speakers (American, British, Australian, Irish, South African, etc) and have a good level of computer literacy with regular email access.

Finally, the tutor-student relationship is crucially important to us and we pride ourselves on having tutors who are not only highly professional but also friendly and outgoing with a strong desire to help and inspire their students.

If you match this profile and feel you could join a team like ICAL, then get in touch with us and let us know!

ICAL Administrative Staff

There are currently no vacancies for administrative staff at ICAL TEFL.

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