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Over the years we have collected a lot of positive feedback on our TEFL certification courses and now, with the students’ permission, we proudly share it with you.

The course was very interesting with a lot of useful information. Besides, it was well structured and organized. The assignments were well designed as well. I really liked the course and enjoyed studying it. My tutor was very supportive of me during the course. Her guidance, help and detailed explanations helped me to progress a lot, broaden my knowledge and most importantly to become an even better teacher for my students. Kateryna Lazaryeva (teaching in Kuwait) – graduated January 2018
usThis was a great course for the price. I found the material to be challenging and I enjoyed completing the modules. Samuel Harvell – graduated October 2017
usWell planned out, easy to follow, good coverage of the course material. Plus timely responses, clear guidance and encouragement and fair evaluation of each assignment and follow up work.
Dave Valentine – graduated October 2017
 usThank you for all of your help and incite. I am excited to be able to start teaching over here in Libya soon.
Hamad Hamdi – graduated September 2017
Oh my goodness! I’m so happy! I’ve finished!!! This course was very well designed and my tutor was extremely helpful with her real experience and guidance. It was a privilege to work with and learn from her. Looking forward to teaching in Japan! Jenna Baker –  graduated March 2017
usI enjoyed the progression of the course modules that gradually encouraged students to create fully formed lesson ideas and to really analyze why they were choosing specific content to help students learn English. I currently teach at a monolingual school in Japan but it was refreshing to be presented with a variety of teaching scenarios for which to plan and create lessons. Zachary Repman graduated April 2016
mxThe material was easy to understand, very interesting, and useful. Cynthia Angulo – graduated April 2016
usMy tutor was excellent!!! She did a wonderful job of leading me through the course and her ideas and corrections were clear and positive. A very informative course. I enjoyed it very much! Jessica Bartlett – graduated April 2016
usI really liked how concise and simple the course was. I also liked the applicability of the material to all kinds of EFL classes. The grammar guide in the resources section was great. I referenced it a good number of times while working on my assignments. Hopefully I’ll be able to apply everything successfully in S Korea soon (starting to look for jobs now!!) Haley Vartanian – graduated March 2016
phThe course did a lot for my professional growth. The lessons gave me real insight into how to deal with students of different ages, level and culture. Maria Auroragraduated March 2016
caThanks to the constructive feedback I received on my assignments I now have a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a TEFL teacher. Nicole Finch – graduated March 2016
zaI applied with a fellow teacher here in Hong Kong to be NET teachers on the EDB scheme. They require a TEFL course with Practicum and so not any TEFL course will do (I had completed another one before, which was not accepted by them). This one is accepted, and we both took the TP course. Derik Oberholzer – graduated February 2016
de The course was very interesting. It was a good revision of my course of study in applied linguistics and I also learned some new things. It is also good that I still have access to your resources and can stay in touch with my personal tutor after the course all the time. Agata Maleckagraduated February 2016
caFull of good information and no time limit so you can work at your own pace whatever your schedule is. Paul van den Bijgaartgraduated February 2016
itAfter taking this course, I really feel more confident in the classroom. Laura Giacchigraduated February 2016
caI lived in Italy when I began & ICAL had a great reputation with the online expat community. The course was great, a lot more challenging than I originally thought – which is good! Overall a great experience. Karen Hackenbrook – graduated January 2016
usThis is a great course. I’ve recommended it to everyone I’ve met recently who’s expressed interest in TEFL. The reading material was well written and covered a lot of useful information. The homework provided excellent prompts for helping me process the reading material and put new knowledge into action. I learned so much from every assignment! The reading and homework also helped me to become more aware of and reassess some classroom habits I’ve taken for granted. Amelia Gray – graduated January 2016
caThe course was divided in stages very eavenly and did not introduce topics that overlapped each other. I found it very challenging and informative. I believe it is a very well rounded course that can help and enhance anyone who wants to teach. Salvatore Mannigraduated January 2016
roI first wanted to take a CELTA course but I couldn’t for two reasons: in my region it is held only once a year (in August) and I want to find a job much sooner, and the second reason was price, which is much higher. Then I searched on the internet for alternatives and after a lot of searching I chose the ICAL TEFL course because it seemed to me the most interesting and of best value for money. And I’m glad I chose it! Elena Constantin – graduated January 2016
usThe course is quite constructive and I’ve learned a great deal from it. In particular, I’ve learned from my tutor to pay more attention to students’needs and to analyze their progress and weaknesses. Olga Protsanina – graduated December 2015
itThe course was amazing. I found it really interesting and stimulating. I’ve also appreciated the fact that there is no deadline and every student can follow his own pace. Marika Prina – graduated December 2015
krThe course is well organized and contains essential information which is explained very well.The feedback I received on each module assignment was detailed and very helpful. In fact, it was often an eye opener. Susie Habin – graduated November 2015
zaThis TEFL course modules are well structured and cover a wide area of applicable topics. The assignments are practical and challenging.My tutor was professional and his comments and advice were beneficial to my professional development in teaching. Stephen Moult – graduated November 2015
gbVery happy with course but most of all with the new job I got in Hanoi (VI) thanks to my TELF cert. The school is legit and the pay decent. So far so good! Robert Wrengraduated October 2015
auThe course was thorough, practical, and provided me with a solid foundation with which to commence English teaching in Hong Kong! David Simmons – graduated September 2015
usThe course was well written. Seemed to care about the students understanding and grasp of the concept. Travis Bowegraduated September 2015
it I learned many useful things through the course that I was able to apply immediately at work. It has also been good to get feedback that let me know that what I am doing in my classes was/is on the right track. Sarah Rubenstein – graduated September 2015
usI am currently living and working in Vietnam, and needed a copy of my TEFL Cert emailed to me ASAP for employment purposes. ICAL Admin provided it straight away. Very efficient. Thomas Mitchell – graduated August 2015
usThe course challenged me to think and deal with a variety of teaching situations that I hadn’t considered before. Jennifer Higgins – graduated August 2015
united arab emirates flagFor me, this course was perfect!! It was very flexible in terms of there being no particular time limit/deadline for each module assignment. The material was also veey interesting and I have learnt a lot from it. Laura Westeng – graduated July 2015
deI began this course after my daughter was born and I shortly thereafter went back to working full time, so from my perspective the biggest positive aspect is the flexible schedule and pacing. Sarah Mikulagraduated July 2015
cnThe course is practical and can be applied whenever I create new materials for my students. Teresa Chu – graduated July 2015
usMy tutor was very helpful, supportive, and detailed in her responses to me. I really appreciate it! Kathryn Greene – graduated June 2015
usI am teaching at the moment in Bandung, Indonesia and have almost finished my first year. I enjoyed the help that this course gave me along the way. Andrew Grindheim – graduated June 2015
itOnline courses can be quite challenging, as you don’t attend a class and have a close contact with students and teachers. However, I’ve really enjoyed this course and I think the material provided plus the help of the tutors were very useful. I’d definitely recommend it. Simona Tagliaferrograduated May 2015
cnI liked how practical everything was. It didn’t waste time trying to impress anybody. It gave you the information, offered examples, asked you to apply it, and then called it a day. My tutor was very thorough. I was surprised how involved he was. Very easy to work with. Very supportive. Matthew Hammondgraduated May 2015
idI am teaching at the moment in Bandung, Indonesia and have almost finished my first year. I enjoyed the help that the course gave me along the way. I thought it was really helpful. Andrew Grindheim – graduated May 2015
hkVery well structured; the material is not too much and it contains all the information needed. Very useful, even for people who, like me, have previous teaching experience. Luigi Vesentinigraduated May 2015
US FlagJust great! I never lesson planned before so this course was great in getting me started on how to creatively come up with lesson plans. Alexandra Snydergraduated April 2015
US FlagCan’t imagine receiving more extensive, useful feedback with any online course. I have recently completed a 15-hour (5 core 3-hr MPA courses) classroom post-graduate level certificate (Executive Certificate in Public Administration) from Florida Atlantic University and feedback from assignments was not this comprehensive and helpful. Mary Hanna – graduated April 2015
US FlagI liked that this course took a practical approach as opposed to being theoretical. And I liked being given a class scenario and asked to develop the activities and lesson plans based on what I learned in the modules. I found it easy to visualize the class and plan accordingly. Diane Mancino – graduated March 2015
Italian flagThe course was very well organized and contained essential information which was explained very well. Jessica Purkeypyle – graduated March 2015
South Korea FlagI learned a lot, despite having been an ESL teacher throughout the duration of the course! My tutor was incredibly encouraging and very helpful. He had many insights and related his own experience in the classroom, which was very applicable not only to the course, but to my own classes. Nicholas Frati – graduated March 2015
caVery informative and based on applications in real-world examples. Karen Ho – graduated March 2015
Australian flagThe course was logical and well sequenced. I found it challenging and more involved than I had expected. But I am very thankful, as I feel the process has provided me with many of the tools necessary to do this important job well. My tutor was very patient and took the time to provide valuable guidance on every aspect of each assignment. She is a hard task master, but I know I have benefited greatly from her great skill and experience. Gregory Marsh – graduated March 2015
US FlagI enjoyed it a lot and it taught me a lot about different classroom and teaching situations for teaching ESL. It brought up a lot of stuff I wouldn’t have even thought about. Nina Kang – graduated February  2015
Italian flagThe way in which the course was broken up into modules was perfect. It was easy to follow it and I felt each module helped build the next. I also loved the TEFL resources section. They provided great ideas about many topics and I can definitely see myself using this over and over. A wealth of information! Orazio D’Alba – graduated February  2015
US FlagVery informative input. I can’t wait to put these practices into my real-life teaching experiences. Arthur Murray – working on module 4 September 2014
Irish flagI found the course extremely interesting, user-friendly, easy to understand and very enjoyable. I particularly loved the fact that there was no deadline for completion. Laura Dolan – graduated September 2014
British flagI have experience in the TEFL field but only after embarking upon this course, did I realise that my TEFL skills were low. I found the course to be demanding, yet the support system in place at ICAL TEFL, the resources available, and my tutor’s feedback and commentary helped me to get the most out of it. Abdullah Hassan – graduated September 2014
US FlagGreat course. It caused me to think about teaching in a much larger and different context than that which I’m familiar with. Timothy Kennedy – graduated August 2014
Italian flagI found the course interesting and challenging. It gave me the chance to extend my teaching knowledge and further learn about my profession. Laura D’Angelo – graduated August 2014
US FlagThe course covers more than the essentials of being a prepared TEFL instructor. The course assignments give an opportunity to learn what it takes to be a solid TEFL instructor. The resources available on the ICAL website are phenomenal and well written. Jeff Turkot – graduated August 2014
Italian flagI thought the course was excellent! It was seamless and easy to understand especially because sometimes the “virtual” classroom can be difficult. Melanie Guardino – graduated August 2014
US FlagDespite already having one year of ESL teaching experience, I felt challenged by the material. Good course. Ethan Hoffman – graduated July 2014
US FlagI wasn’t sure what level of personalization I’d be getting out of this course, but my tutor exceeded even my BEST expectations. He was quick, thoughtful, intelligent, and provided GREAT feedback! Justin Rothstein – graduated July 2014
Chinese flagThis course has top notch course material, an organized and easy to use website, and real and fast support for any questions. It is truly on par with a university TEFL course at a fraction of the price. Julia Pettigrew – graduated June 2014
US FlagIn 4 years at college, I never got such detailed feedback. Sara Hurwitz – graduated June 2014
German flagI have begun tutoring some high school students here in Germany and I have found the lessons in this course very handy. Theresa Spindler – working on module 4, June 2014
US FlagThe course is well thought out. Each module flows into the next one. I feel the assignments were thought provoking. Working through ICAL’s course made me realize there is so much more to learn before becoming a proficient teacher. Theresa Maldonado – graduated May 2014
Irish flagThe course itself was put together well, and I feel my ability as a teacher has improved. Conor O’Shea – graduated May 2014
American flagFor the price and time commitment, the course is great. Amongst other things, it gives a good overview of lesson planning and emphasizes teaching to different types of students, which is invaluable knowledge to a new teacher like me. Andrew Sanborn – graduated April 2014
British flagMy tutor was amazing. She was very professional and supportive. She was also very prompt in marking my assignments and provided insightful comments. I believe her comments really helped me develop my knowledge of TEFL. Salma Azam – graduated April 2014
Czech flagThe course is structured in a detailed and rigorous manner to allow you to achieve excellent teaching knowledge and skills. I would recommend this course to somebody new who needs a significant degree of flexibility because of work commitments but at the same time wants to acquire thorough knowledge and sound teaching skills. Albert Stifter – graduated April 2014
American flagMy tutor was great! Responded very quickly every time. Had direct, effective advice. And simply knowing he’s currently teaching at the university level gave me more confidence in working with him and what I took away from the material. David Weinkauff – graduated April 2014
French flagI enjoyed the course. It allowed me to use my creativity and I learned a lot. It took me a long time to complete it due to other personal and professional obligations and I appreciated having flexibility in terms of timing, and plenty of time to complete the assignments. Therese Bonnet – graduated March 2014
Italian flagMy tutor was a teacher that I could rely on whenever I needed help with the Course: she was fast in answering e-mails and provided many suggestions when correcting my Assignments. The Course was very well structured and the 5 Modules covered almost all the aspects of English Language Teaching. I really recommend it. Nicola Ravera – graduated March 2014
American flagHaving a TEFL certification will really come in handy here in Germany. I found out that there might even be certain tax incentives for me!!! Chris Olson – working on the course February 2014
American flagI have accepted a job to teach English in South Korea at an English Village in Incheon. I’ll start in March. I am excited. I have learned a lot from this course and from reading all my tutor’s comments. I know there is much more to learn, but I feel more confident now. Juan Dominguez – graduated February 2014
British flagJust accepted a post to teach in Beijing from April, so I’ll be getting the last module done asap! Feeling very excited! Cassius Wortmann – working on his final module February 2014
British flagDecent, well formulated module material; the modules progress logically through the different aspects of teaching. The course didn’t feel like a pushover, but also didn’t feel unreasonably difficult, I felt the challenge of the modules developed well through the course. David Mayes – graduated February 2014
American flagEPIK has just informed me that my teaching position in Korea is confirmed! I got the job! In Chungbuk, and I leave in February. As long as I have my TEFL Certificate by then. Thank you for being a part of this whole hectic process with me and helping me learn. Mohammad Panahi – working on his final module January 2104
American flagThe course was thorough and covered all forms of TEFL teaching, from monolingual school children to multilingual business people. Jaclyn Zimmermangraduated January 2014
Brazilian flagThe course was very interesting and dynamic. It covered a lot of different topics and I learned a great deal. Isabella Dias – graduated January 2014
American flagI was surprised at how much this course challenged me for the price I paid! I definitely feel that I was stretched to learn, and I now feel confident to go out and teach EFL! Erin English – graduated December 2103
USA flagThe course modules are full of practical information that a teacher would need. I regret not taking it sooner as this would have helped me immensely while I was actually teaching. Gustavo Ontiveros – graduated December 2013
Australian flagThe course was very comprehensive, and made me realize how people with English as a second language must feel. Gloria Malouf-Marsh – graduated December 2013
American flagThe course offered a good variety of assignments for all age groups, for small and large classes, and for the casual and the serious language learner. I enjoyed perusing the many sources available on the ICAL site. These were a great help when my mind needed to “re-engage” because I needed new ideas. I also appreciated the “second chances” allowed for quizzes and/or assignments. Alice Larson – graduated November 2013
Russian flagIt happens very often that you don’t get what businesses advertise on their sites. But this is definitely not the case with ICAL. It was a pleasure to study here.Thank you very much! Tatiana Pichtchikovagraduated November 2013
British flagMy tutor was very informative in developing my answers to the questions posed in the assignment tasks, and he provided me with some excellent feedback. James Hargreaves – graduated November 2013
American flagVery exciting news! I found a job!!! I leave at the end of the month for Changwon in South Korea! I better get going on the next couple assignments! Samantha Tabor – working on the course September 2013
USA FlagI was offered, and I accepted, a job in Bojano Italy as an ESL instructor with the British School. I need to finish ASAP as I report in three weeks. Jonathan Starling – working on the course September 2013
France FlagI taught English lessons to French students all throughout the duration of this course and I could feel my teaching style improve drastically as I advanced in the course. Ryan O’Donnell – graduated August 2013
Colombia FlagI recently graduated from the ICAL TEFL program. Having this certification has been a real help in my job search so much so that I’m now looking at taking a Masters in TESOL or Linguistics. Ken Haile – graduated August 2013
South Korea FlagI feel the course really prepared me to teach ESL. My tutor was excellent – very helpful and insightful and always very quick about returning my assignments. Stephen Mogensen – graduated July 2013
South Africa FlagI have learned more than I thought I would about both teaching and English grammar ( haha 🙂 ) Daniel Smith – graduated July 2013
netherlands flagI hadn’t completed a TEFL course up to this point in my teaching career because everyone I know said it’d be a waste of time – but I learned quite a bit and the course was much better than I expected. Kristie Lormand – graduated June 2013
saudi arabia flagGot a job with Aramco– great pay and couldn’t have done it without my ICAL TEFL! Rick Zand – graduated June 2013
chile flagI’ve never taken an online-only course before, and I imagined it would be a lonely experience. It was a pleasant surprise to have a lot of meaningful advice from my tutor. And the quick responses as well- I truly felt like he was here with me. Daniel Duke – graduated June 2103
hong kong flagThe amount and variety of the resources around the website are amazing. They played a big part in helping me choose where I wanted to go. The grammar page was especially indispensable; it helped me brush up on the technicalities of my grammar and saved me hours of time bumbling around Google looking for the answers. Aaron Elias – graduated June 2013
usa flagI didn’t expect to get such great advice and teaching tips. I’ve saved all of my tutor’s responses & I’m looking forward to using some of those suggestions out in the real world! Andrew McClure – graduated June 2013
usa flagI received a one year contract with a school in China. I will try and finish the course prior to leaving, but they are aware I might need to finish it once I get there. If I hadn’t been working on my TEFL, I don’t believe I would have received the job offer. David Thurbon – working on the course June 2013
israel flagThe course was interesting and informative, it has certainly given me tools to help teaching. My tutor was very friendly and approachable, he gave excellent comments and was very encouraging. Very pleased with it all. Lorraine Taari – graduated May 2013
usa flagMy tutor was absolutely the best. She truly made the course for me. I felt like I had a friend looking out for me – she was always polite, kind, and put personal attention into grading my paper. If there were some kind of bonus system, I’d definitely recommend her for it! Elyse Painter – graduated May 2013
usa flagThis course is a great option for people who want to get a certificate on their own time. The module assignment were surprisingly challenging and made me think outside the box.
My tutor was excellent. He was supportive and gave critical feedback when needed. His email response time was also always quick and his comments not only critique my assignment but also included suggestions and advice that will be useful in my future as a EFL teacher. Jacob Schumacher – graduated April 2013
china flagI was a little skeptical as to the extent the course could really train me for a real teaching experience. Ultimately I think it was very helpful. It forced me to research the subject a great deal, which in turn led me to some good resources that I could consider using in the future. I felt like some of the information was too obvious, but perhaps that is because ICAL has to cater to a very broad swath of students taking this course. Nancy Eng – graduated April 2013
japan flagThe course was helpful in that it made me look at my own teaching strategies more critically. I definitely got a lot of new ideas from the material and have been applying it to my classes, particularly when it comes to variation in activity styles. Maggie O’Connor – graduated April 2013
united arab emirates flagThe course was very informative and self explanatory. My personal tutor was always in a good mood, and professional! He responded in a timely fashion and was very supportive when tending to my queries giving me with plenty of comments and suggestions. Fazal Imamudeen – graduated March 2013
usa flagThe fact that I was working with a live tutor made a huge difference when it came to choosing the right TEFL course for me. And my tutor proved to be a great help. He was patient and his feedback was always useful and easy to understand. Additionally, his own personal experience provided interesting insight that I may not have gotten otherwise. Cole Rieger graduated March 2013


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