Giving Instructions‏‎ when Teaching English

How To Teach English

{youtube}xOEMd8uenVI{/youtube}There is a right way and a wrong way to give instructions in your classroom. If you give instructions the wrong way you’ll end up with a class who don’t know what’s going on.

It’s not rocket science, but it can make the difference between a successful lesson and a disastrous lesson.


Make sure you know what is going to happen before you step into the classroom. This is especially true if the exercise is going to be complicated and the instructions are long.

Check that the vocabulary‏‎ you’re going to use is right for the level of the class. If the class is complete beginners‏‎ then you might have to give instructions in their mother tongue, but you should then repeat them straight afterwards in English.

Before you go into the class, make a list of vocabulary which might be a problem and see if you can come up with a simpler term or explanation for your students.

In the Classroom

Don’t begin till you’ve got their full attention. If you begin before this, you’ll only end up having to give the instructions again because some students haven’t heard what you’re said.

Breaking it Down

Break your instructions down into short, simple steps. Give each one and then check that the students have understood either by seeing that they’ve followed your instruction or by concept checking‏‎.

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