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© <a href='http://www.flickr.com/eek/' target='_blank'>eek the cat</a>ELT is an acronym‏‎ standing for English Language Teaching, something of a catch-all term to describe teaching English to people who do not speak it as a native language.

Of course there is not one “English Language” to be taught. What you teach will depend very much on the make-up of your students, for example what their level is and the reason they are studying English.

The following classes are going to learn very different kinds of English:

  • students heading off to the USA‏‎ to study law at university there
  • a French business delegation wanting to deal with Chinese factory owners
  • a Spanish footballer going to play for a club in the UK‏‎
  • toddlers at nursery school
  • Afghani immigrants just arrived in Australia
  • a class of teenagers taking English at school for an exam

Within ELT there is also the variety of English‏‎ to be considered.

and so on. In fact, there is never a single ‘English’ to be taught but just a subset of the language.

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