Copper River Delta, Chugach National ForestThe DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults) is an advanced qualification run by Cambridge Assessment‏‎ (formerly UCLES) for teachers. It was formerly known as the DTEFLA or the RSA Diploma.

The DELTA is for teachers with several years experience teaching; it is regarded as the equivalent to an Masters Degree and is thus ideal for those teachers wishing to advance in the industry. It covers not only advanced teaching methodology and current practices but also looks at the work involved in more senior roles.

To apply, teachers must have at least 2 years experience (1,200 hours of teaching) and with an extensive knowledge of both the language and teaching.

DELTA courses are run by validated centers around the world. These are monitored by Cambridge.

The DELTA is primarily for those wishing to move into management or teacher-training.


The DELTA can be taken full-time which is typically 2 – 3 months. Alternatively there are part-time options (6 months to a year) and there are distance learning options also run by the British Council‏‎ and International House and validated by Cambridge ESOL. The distance course combines in-house and online work.

The DELTA course allows for

  • 120 contact hours
  • 10 hours teaching practice (4 supervised, 1 externally assessed)
  • 10 hours watching other teachers (5 taught by experienced teachers)

It is estimated about 300 hours of reading, researching and writing assignments.


The course includes:

  • teaching practice
  • observation of experienced teachers in the classroom
  • completion of a range of practically focused written assignments
  • an extended assignment
  • a written examination

This will focus on:

  • understanding, knowledge and awareness of language
  • the background to teaching and learning English at adult level
  • resources and materials
  • working in the classroom
  • evaluation, monitoring and assessment
  • professional development

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