How To Become a TEFL Teacher

Finding TEFL Jobs, Teaching Around The World

Do you want to teach English abroad?

Quite simply, this this article will tell you how you can become a TEFL teacher abroad.

Speaking English

It’s going to sound obvious, but first, you must speak English‏‎ well. You don’t have to be a native speaker, but an extremely proficient command of English is a must.

Being Qualified

In the old days all you needed was to speak English but now it’s a bit more professional than that. Now you must have the right TEFL qualifications.

Most countries need you to have a degree. This can be in almost any subject so it doesn’t have to be English or Teaching.

(But if you don’t have a degree, all is not lost, you can still teach in some countries. See the link below for info on teaching without a degree‏‎.)

A lot of schools also ask for a TEFL Certificate worth 120 hours.

And for most entry level jobs, that’s usually it!

Choosing Where to Go

Next comes the exciting part, choosing which country to teach in!

As a general rule for most Americans this will mean teaching somewhere in Asia or Central and South America. For most British or Irish citizens this will mean Europe. For Australians this often means Asia.

But these are general rules. Look at the country which takes your fancy and see if you are allowed to teach there. For example, if you have an American or Australian passport you are not entitled to work in the Europe.

To see where you can teach, check out this simple flowchart called Where Can I Teach? Alternatively here’s a good article called: Where to Teach‏‎.

But remember, with perseverance and experience, you can teach in almost any country around the world!

Finding a Job

You are qualified and you know where to go. Now it’s just a matter of finding a job!

There are two usual methods:

  1. Take a look online and go through all the TEFL job sites and check out the adverts there from schools.
  2. Use a TEFL employment agent who will find work for you.

Of course there are other ways, but these are the most common. You simply contact the school who will sometimes give you an interview online if you sound suitable. Then they’ll send you the contract‏‎ which you can check out. Then you sign on the dotted line and arrange to start work next Monday morning!

For more on this, see How to Find a TEFL Job.

Getting to Work

Once you’ve got the job, it’s time to go! Pack your bags‎ and leave!

Once you arrive you’ll move into the accommodation the school has arranged, you’ll get a tour of the school and then you’ll get up bright and early the next morning and start work!

Good luck!

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